Living Willow Structures

Jim can create a variety of living willow structures for schools and private clients.  These wonderful structures are both aesthetically pleasing and functional and come in many forms, from willow 'fedges' and corrals, to seating areas and willow domes.  Jim's willow domes are particularly popular and can be used as a place for quiet reflection, a classroom or a shady spot to escape from the sun's damaging rays.  They also provide a habitat for a variety of creatures.

Domes can be built in many different sizes and Jim has developed his own house style.  Clients, groups or school pupils can get involved by helping to build the domes if they wish.  Many schools in and around the Rotherham area have willow domes built by Jim. 

When looked after, a willow dome provides fantastic value for money over many years, and they really do provide a unique focal point for your green space, be it in a garden or school grounds. Jim offers a maintenance service for his willow domes or can provide instruction on how to 'do it yourself '.